How we do it

Organic Alfalfa

At Lorentz Farms, we manage and grow all our own crops with specific machinery.  The alfalfa we seed is clean from well-respected sources.  It is seeded with a customized air seeding system that was developed on the farm.

This system has enabled us to lower our seeding rates while maintaining the same sprout count at germination.  When it comes time to harvest the alfalfa, our 40 ft. mower does it with ease.

The alfalfa is cut and unconditioned leaving all the nutritional leaves still intact.  There is virtually no damage to the plant at the harvest point.  The now laying alfalfa is gently picked up and carried on belts and placed into a row where it is chopped by a forage harvester and put in a truck.

When the trucks arrive at the mill, the alfalfa is fed into the drying drums and then ground up with a target of 9% moisture.  The ground alfalfa is then put through a pellet mill where compression holds the pellets together.  There is no binder or binding agent used at our facility.  The pellets are cooled and screened before they are sent to our storage bins.

Our finished products are shipped as pellets or re-ground pellets (meal).  These products are available in bulk, totes or bagged sizes.

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