Natural Fertilizer

Alfalfa meal and/or pellets are a great organic based all-purpose fertilizer and soil conditioner and are one of the best kept secrets for your garden. Alfalfa is very high in vitamins, plus N-P-K-Ca, Mg, and other valuable minerals. It also contains sugars, starches, proteins, fiber and 16 amino acids that help your plants to grow healthy and strong. Alfalfa also contains the hormone, Triacontanol, a natural root stimulant.

Alfalfa meal and/or pellets are a light fertilizer which will not burn your turf or garden plants.  Vegetable and flower (especially rose) gardens benefit greatly from the additional nutrients alfalfa has.

The pellets and/or meal can also be used as a lawn fertilizer. It adds much needed organic matter to stimulate the growth of your turf.

Alfalfa meal is also a rapid decomposer and can naturally generate a lot of heat in a short amount of time. This heat generating ability means that alfalfa meal is a good accelerant for use with any compost pile. Adding alfalfa meal into the main body of the pile will support decomposition and produce quicker results.

Using alfalfa meal and/or pellets as a fertilizer is easy.  It provides an alternative to other organic fertilizers such as blood meal or compost that may contain excessive amounts of nitrogen that could harm delicate plants.  It provides many nutritional benefits for both plants and soil organisms. Alfalfa helps plants create larger flowers and increases the tolerance to cold.

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